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Underarm Gel [25gm]




The Underarm Lightening Gel aims to make the appearance of your underarms healthier by making the skin smoother, softer and clearer.  

Made with Tomato, Cucumber, Orange & Tea Tree, this gel fades and decreases the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation on your skin along with smoothening it & leaving your underarms odour free. 

This underarm gel penetrates deeply to minimize pigmentation and restore the natural even tone of underarm skin. Made with organic & natural extracts to fade away stubborn pigmentation.

Regular use for minimum 3 months recommended for best results as it contains no Chemical or any kind of Parabens/SLS.


  • Gel based formula for everyday application
  • Containing Tomato, Cucumber, Oranges & Tea Tree
  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Regular use – help lighten the dark patches, tackles roughness and dryness, controls excessive sweating,maintains floral hygiene.

Free from Preservatives-Parabens-Sulphates   

Key Ingredients:

Aloe vera extract, Tomato Extract, Cucumber Extract, Orange Oil, Tea Tree Oil.


  Apply & Massage around the underarms until absorbed. Recommended to use every day.

Use Before 12months from the date of manufacture


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