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Charcoal Soap [100gm]




Lee’s Charcoal soap not just contains activated charcoal but also the goodness of Lodhra, Manjistha, Grapeseed oil that makes it a power pack version of charcoal soap Providing flawless skin.
Activated charcoal treats oily skin, Good for Acne, reduces pore size, makes skin tighter & firmer, suits every skin type. Also contains Lodhra & Manjistha that removes natural toxins helping to support healthy skin & a clear complexion.
Grape seed oil contains high levels of vitamin E, this oil may contribute to better skin and reducing UV damage. It is a has high conditioning properties & thus a wonderful oil for both moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

Free from Artificial Fragrance-Preservatives-Parabens-SLS

Key Ingredients:

Activated Charcoal, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Almond Oil, Manjistha, Lodhra, Glycerin, Soap Base.


Apply, lather & Rinse.

Use Before 12months from the date of manufacture


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